Elisso Tarassachvili,


Anna Tarassachvili, 
Collection Manager
& Project Manager


Laura Taliercio,
Project Manager 

Since 1990, the Cultural Association Vera Pagava (Association Culturelle Vera Pagava - AC/VP), founded under the 1901 law, manage the art collection of the Darial Gallery (Paris, 7th district). 


The collection is mainly composed of the archives and artworks of the artist Vera Pagava (1907-1988) and the painter Vano (Vano Enoukidze, 1907-1979), and artworks from different artists that were exhibited  at the gallery since 1972 and until 1996. 


Today, the activities of the AC/VP focus on the work of Vera Pagava and aim to:


• Manage and preserve the archive and artworks of Vera Pagava 
• Promote Vera Pagava's artworks through exhibitions, books, etc. 


1976 - Vera Pagava exhibition at the Galerie Darial

View of the exhibition dedicated to Vera Pagava at the Darial art gallery in 1976, in Paris.