November 14 – December 15, 2013


Artemper Gallery
11, rue Boulard 75014

 They Came from Elsewhere (1945-1970)



 « They Came from Elsewhere » exhibited the works of 18 women of the Second School of Paris. The event was conceived as a way of paying homage, by the Galerie Artemper, to render justice to these women whom the History of Art world has usually failed to give the place they deserve.  


The Galerie Artemper presented the works of Vera Pagava along side Hella Guth, Ida Karskaya, Elvire Jan, Maria Helena Viera da Silva, Christine Boumeester, Roberta Gonzàlez, Anna Eva Bergman, Janice Biala, Zora Staack, Catherine Zoubtchenko, Terry Haas, Marcelle Ferron, Natalia Dumitresco, Jeanne Coppel, Osa Sherdin, et Marita Poest Clement. 



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